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Methodical Progressions of Striking and Running with the Ball: (Paperback)

2018, Croatian player Luca Modric took home the prize as the world´s best player; Ballon d´Or. The midfielder won the Champions League with Real Madrid for the third consecutive time. Luka then led Croatia to the final of the World Cup in Russia. His and Croatia's successes has not passed any football lover. By studying Luka Modric´s ingenious passes that are disguised with the outside and the inside of the ankle is one of the success models in the Croatian football school. The methodology in the book is inspired by the tradition of the Croatian football school where you start organised football training at the age of 9-10. During the first two years, the focus is on completing the entire education on methodical progressions of striking and running with the ball. There is a differentiation process around the psycho-physical motor skills. This periodisation is adequate for the learning process where the player learns new

patterns of movement which develops into precise dynamic movements found in very difficult technical elements of the game. Psycho-motor skills are specific movement patterns that is continually repeated through exercise, which creates a general...